I’m an Aquarian, a perfectionist, a History of Art major, a journalist and a sommelier. I love cooking and eating well…and it shows!

I drink my espresso coffee without sugar, I’m crazy for Campari-based cocktails, such as Negronis and Americanos, and Champagne of course!

I’m not particularly sporty, but I adore skiing and going for long walks on the sea shore: looking at the waves relaxes me.

I live in Rome with my husband, our two young daughters and the sweetest cat in the world.

I started to organize events and weddings over 15 years ago, when nobody in Italy had the slightest idea what “wedding planner” meant.
In 2013 I decided to become an entrepreneur and set up a business, but after three years of co-working I realised that I had to branch out on my own.

Today, as well as organizing weddings and events, I love taking care of art direction and also styling photoshoots, lookbooks and advertising campaigns. At the same time, I offer an image consulting service for brands and professional people who want to empower their business visibility.
The thing I do best is to have a vision and then to turn it into something real!


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