Your wedding “Made in Italy”

My way to design and planning your #weddinginitaly

Ph. Days made of love

Let me introduce myself: I am Camilla. I majored in literature because I wanted to write about love, the same love that I read about during my childhood. I started to believe that hold hands it means both to be strong and welcoming, it helps us to blossom.

Today are the little details that move me, those to which many people seem indifferent to: grandparents’s hands, my daughters’s eyes, snowflakes, little life blessings that make me the perfect ally, who notices any little thing.

I understood over the years that the accuracy and the constant quest to reach uniqueness (rather than perfection), are what make the difference in managing unrepeatable events like weddings.

I am married for 15 years, a very true love believer, I guess :)

Ph. Fabio Bertiè

Providing a sophisticated but non-complex experience for my customers: it is my purpose. Every wedding it has to be unique because it is unrepeatable, don’t forget about it.

Let me say that getting married in Italy should be a full on experience. Choosing a breathtaking setting or just a beautiful view, that are simply countless in Italy, it’s barely enough to make a wedding, it’s definetely not the “make the dream come true”. Think about it: only true and fine selected Italian suppliers may enrich the wedding celebration with unique details: food and flowers, wine, crafts, high fashion, photographs, videos and also the perfect music.

Ph. Bottega53

I work with people of excellence, that provide a super professional job, together we will choose everything and anyone who suit the best of your needs, who will be able to turn THE project into a dream and a passionate wedding reality!

Those are the keys to make your marriage special, unique, astonishing. How? Contact me and we will start to think about you and your marriage “Made in Italy”.

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