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If you want to present yourself and your brand in an original and effective way, if you are looking for evocative and unique images for your official website, if you want the world to fall in love with your products and you want to share emotionally-telling photographs on your social networks, terrific!
I’m the person you’re looking for!

I help you to identify your communicative style and to make it easily recognizable thanks to my experience in styling for editorials and the wedding industry.
Through my studies in history of art and thanks to my lively creativity I help you to tell your story and create a harmonious image on social networks. Your brand,  which is already special in itself, will be equally special online.

After a first meeting, in person or via Skype, through which we will understand what your needs are, I will send you questionnaire: from your answers I will plan a creative project that fully represents your brand and matches the image you want to put across. We will talk about together and then we will move on to the executive phase. I will take care of the video script and the sequence of pictures to be produced; together we will choose the professionals best suited to the task who will enable us to complete the project and identify the location where we will shoot.

I will support you at every step and, in the end, if necessary I will accompany you in your social media communication.



Are you a company, a growing brand that wants to create from scratch or upgrade its image and visual presence on social networks? In your portfolio, would you like to have pictures of your products and/or services that inspire your clients?
After jointly carrying out an analysis of your brand, we’ll focus on your target and design a moodboard for your advertising campaign.
I will write the Story you want to tell and working together with our professional team, we’ll make it real!


Do you have a personal or family brand, or a small company? Are you a creative artist and/or a craftsman who sells his products online? Would you like the images of your creations to be as irresistible as your products? Are you just starting out or are you in a rebranding phase? Do you want to update your portfolio, but are not looking for a full-blown advertising campaign?
In this case I’ll take care of the styling of the photos of you and of your products for the social networks, creating an impressive visual impact, while respecting the budget you have set yourself.


Do you want to tell us about who you are and what you do in a direct, striking and empathetic way? Have you ever thought of making a video clip that tells your story?
Nowadays video is the most direct and medium-friendly tool to screen online. The storytelling of what you do is what your clients are looking for: being involved, identifying with and entering your world and seeing what you do from the inside, how you create your products, what services you offer.
In other words by telling your story, you will tell the story of what you are selling. It goes without saying that you’ll do it in an elegant,  approachable way – the star of the video is you, not your product. Indirect marketing is one of the most powerful weapons you have: use it!


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